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Census Activism?

Just heard a piece on National Public Radio about Arab- and Iranian-Americans who’ve launched a campaign to write in their affiliation on the “Other” line of the U.S. Census Form. The point being that if you’re not counted, you don’t … Continue reading

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Tourists in Rome

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A Writer’s Power

“…in truth, we have no gift to set a statesman right…” On Being Asked for a War Poem W.B. Yeats This verse from Yeats always sets my head ringing.  My reactions to his wonderful poem are complex, however.  First, Yeats’ … Continue reading

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Englishing de la Rochefoucauld (The Art of Conversation)

Maxim 139. One of the reasons why you find so few people who can carry on a rational and pleasing conversation is that there is hardly anyone who doesn’t think more about what he wants to say than about answering … Continue reading

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Liturgy II (Englishing Robert Marteau)

8 (eighth in a sequence of twelve) In the silent forest, a ring-dove takes flight And ruffles the leaf-mulch under a beech.  The light Is green and murky.  Only a few motes from the sun Filter through.  From time to … Continue reading

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