Gardner’s Diary III (Hummingbirds & Cardinal Flowers)

I caught her again (with a camera, I mean): the female Ruby-Throated hummingbird that hangs out around our cardinal flowers every afternoon around 3 PM.  (Does she have a tiny anklet watch with an alarm?  A teensy weensy cell phone?)

The slideshow appears below.

I suspect she has a nest somewhere.  No baby spotted yet, however.  And, surely, she’ll have to head south soon, to overwinter in Mexico or southern Texas.

My camera is far from ideal.  No telephoto lense, no tripod.  So, considering the technical limitations, these shots aren’t bad.

She’s so flitty and gem-like.  A fairy, a winged member of the Sidhe, a nymph, a sprite.  But down to earth, too.  She needs sugar, lots, to support all that hovering and zooming about.

In the foreground is Baptisia australis with its chunky indigo-gray seed pods, and a seed-heavy raceme of Cimicifuga or Bugbane.

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1 Response to Gardner’s Diary III (Hummingbirds & Cardinal Flowers)

  1. Joyce Larkin says:

    I live in southern New Jersey (near Philadelphia). A friend gave me some cardinal flowers last fall, and this summer I have seen hummingbirds in my garden for the first time. They are just amazing, and they love those flowers! Very thrilling.

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