Against Purity

New Zealand Black Tree Fern (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Against Purity

Beware purity wherever you hear it praised, see it flaunted, or find it ascribed to people, actions, institutions, or ideas.

Except as a property of chemicals or colors, it’s one of the most poisonous metaphors known to humankind. Even the teensiest dose can kill you secretly, when you least expect it, or attack you head on, like a soldier with a bayonet.

Purity’s synonyms all end in “ism”: patriotism, nationalism, racism, tribalism, puritanism, fascism, authoritarianism, absolutism, sectarianism, nihilism, etc.

Its proponents are always holier-than-thou, even when they don’t invoke Jesus, Mohammed, Jehovah, Krishna, Gaia, or the Great Spirit. Purity’s avatars are angry and have very large fangs. Like Furies, they blindly seek to segregate, prohibit, fossilize, and destroy.

Celebrate, instead: the pied; the parti-coloured; the mongrel; the hybrid; the half-bred; the smorgasbord; the potluck; the catch-as-catch can; the jury-rigged; the explorer; the new; the spoiled, the tabula rasa, the indelibly tatooed; the previously owned; the peculiar; the average; the stranger; the dirty; the thoroughly scrubbed; the forgery; the original; the isolato; the lover; the slutty; and that spicy, promiscuous joy in everything unknown, misunderstood or overly familiar.

Mix, speciate, intermingle, dilute and intensify. Dig, erect, copulate, emulate, resist and submit.

Worship toadstools, sapphires, once-in-a-blue-moons, your daily routine, orchids, upside-down cakes, New Zealand tree ferns, smiley-faced daisies,
molé sauce, and muddy puddles that reflect the sky.

Wherever you go, stash this spell in your pocket:

A little dirt
never hurt.

Without the dark,
no angel would hark.

A week in the sty
makes you more spry.

After the laughter, comes a kiss
and bliss.


About Malcolm Farley

Writer, Photographer, Poet, Imagineer
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