Quote of the Day

From LEAD POISONING IN CHINA: THE HIDDEN SCOURGE (New York Times: Wednesday, June 15, 2011)

Han Tiantian, 3, of Mengxi Village, China, has more than four times China's allowable blood lead level. Her mother, Wen Yuni, and father, Han Zongyuan, have both worked in a battery factory.

“…Han Zongyuan, a [battery] factory worker, said he learned in March that [his daughter] had absorbed enough lead to irreversibly diminish her intellectual capacity and harm her nervous system.

“At the moment I heard the doctor say that, my heart was shattered,” Mr. Han said in an interview last week. “We wanted this child to have everything. That’s why we worked this hard. That’s why we poisoned ourselves at this factory. Now it turns out the child is poisoned too. I have no words to describe how I feel.”

[Click here for the relevant New York Times article.]


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